A new year: new changes, new challenges

The past few months have been filled with changes:
I decided to take a different path in my career. I changed employer to further improve my professional life. I changed customers to learn new stuff and do the things I love to do.
I also decided to write more frequently on my blog and want to focus more on application development.

This new year brings a whole new challenge.
I started working at a new customer in January. I’ll support my new team and help them maintain and extend existing applications.
I just started working there, so of course I don’t have the full picture yet but the applications concern treasury services and were built using the Flex SDK, among others. I don’t have previous experience with Flex, so it will be challenging and rewarding to get grasp of this technology and it’s features.

This is why I started working in IT: continuously challenge myself, create new things, improve that what has already been built, see applications come to live and learn new things along the way.

This year will bring a new learning experience for me and I hope I’ll be able to keep you informed about the things I learn, the changes in the Java ecospace and that I can continue to share my knowledge with you and get your feedback in return.

Happy readings and may you have a prosperous 2014 ahead!


About Steve Schols

I am Steve Schols, a senior Java consultant working for several clients in Belgium. I mainly blog about the Java language and relevant frameworks and technologies. All statements made here are solely my own and do not represent the opinion of my employer, colleagues or my clients.
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